There are days when I am not fully convinced that being a mom is an actual call on my life. It feels more like a duty than a passion. It feels so small. There are days when I feel that I could do more for the Kingdom if I wasn’t having to give all of my attention away to little ears who seem deaf to what I have to say. I feel most days, I could be doing more than changing diapers and teaching the ABCs to yet another child. There seems there must be more that God must have for me. I must be worth more than this to Him.

And then I remember Jesus.

I imagine watching Him, tired and weary as Satan tried to tempt Him with lies, just like me. I imagine a man battling the flesh He had been given to overcome, just like me. I imagine a man who gave his all for His children… unlike me. And as I imagine Jesus, a part of God who came to Earth, I am humbled. My life is not about me being worth more to God, it is about God being worth more to me. He has already established my worth by devaluing Himself on the cross for me.

He has given me eternity.

He has given me a voice with truth to pass to the next generation, even if it needs to be repeated 112 times a day. I will remember that He patiently repeats the same truths over to me daily with no frustrations or eye rolling. I see that they are the Kingdom, and my call. They are to be my passion because He is my passion. So, as I sit and sing my ABCs today, as I change diapers today and wipe applesauce off of the walls, I will praise Him. I will praise Him because He is worth it all.  I will praise Him in the little things, because these are the eternal things.

“Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!” (Psalm 100:2)