There are people who we will never meet who can teach us things by their story being told. People who see and encounter things that we could never imagine, and yet have a joy in the Lord that is unshakable. There are people from your neighbors who you never make eye contact with, to our brothers and sisters across the globe who’s lives could teach us something, if we would only take the time to hear their story.

Meet Grace and hear her story:

Grace lives in Uganda in a heavily practicing Muslim village. She converted to Christianity many years ago and although her husband tolerated this, when he died his family tried to convert her back to Islam. When she refused, they cut her off all support. She was left with four children to raise by herself and with very little of her own belongings. Her husband’s family has tried to have her killed twice by hiring people to attack her in her home in the middle of the night, and she has suspicion that they are responsible for her son’s recent death (many who practice folk Islam use poison to kill). He became very ill and Grace sold everything she could, including her last cow, to pay for upfront hospital bills. Her son unfortunately passed away and now her oldest daughter is suffering from the same sickness that her son had. She is unsure that her daughter will live. Grace desires to move somewhere safe and keep her children out of harm’s way, but she trusts the Lord where she is. She knows that while her relatives may intend to kill her and her family because of their faith, she trusts in God. She said, “I know their plans, but God knows my plans even the more. I will not be shaken.”

What can we learn from Grace?

Grace is a woman of godly character beyond what I can see. This woman has lost her husband, her son, possibly her daughter, her extended family, her belongings, support, and her safety. But she trusts in the Lord and sees what she has gained. She has gained peace in her spirit and the promise of eternity. She has gained Christ. She understands the true meaning of what gaining Christ means and carries this understanding with her daily.

As I read about Grace I was struck with the revelation (nothing new to you I am sure), that Grace is able to trust the Lord so boldly because she has had everything stripped away from her. She has lost everything that earthly eyes can see, and she is capable now to see what is really ahead of her. A future and a hope awaits her. How many times throughout my days or weeks have I questioned God about my future, my family’s future… especially my children’s future? How many times have I asked God why, instead of how can I use a situation to glorify Him? How many times a day do I lose my understanding of what gaining Christ means?

Today, please pray for Grace. Pray that she would have the opportunity to live with her children in safety. Pray that her daughter would be healed and that her husband’s family would come to know Christ through Grace’s unwavering faith and dedication to His kingdom. Pray that Grace would have a double portion of His strength as she goes about her day today. Pray she would be blessed and honored by many in His name.

As you pray for Grace, pray that you would gain an understanding of the plans God has for you, even in unsure territory. Whatever situation you are in, whatever season you are in with Him, pray that you would have the trust for His goodness as Grace does. Pray that today, God would start to strip your heart of anything that is blinding you to see what lies ahead of you. Any earthly wants, worries, frustrations or anxieties. Pray that you would have the eyes to see and ears to hear what He has intended for you today.  May our feet be firmly planted in trusting His plans.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) 



*To read Grace’s full story visit  *All information about Grace and her family is from The Voice of the Martyrs website in the newsroom section.