It’s Word Wednesday! Today’s word is DESPERATE. I have been hearing this word quite a bit lately. Our country is in desperate need of change, we are in desperate need of revival. And the most popular right now that I have been hearing is, “I am so desperate for God.”

Desperate for God? Are we really desperate for Him? What does this actually mean? I am not sure we live in a culture that knows what it is to be desperate for very much, let alone to be desperate for God.

The definition of DESPERATE is: hopeless; despaired of; lost beyond hope of recovery; irretrievable; irrecoverable (Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary).

This definition is severe. Being desperate is not a feeling, but a need for survival. If I am desperate for God, this means that I know without God there is no hope, there is only death. Without God, my life would be lost beyond recovery. It means that all of my energy comes from and goes towards guarding what keeps me from dying.

This is an easy concept to understand, but a hard one to walk out. There is a difference between knowing and believing. When we know something we can easily give lip service, but when we believe something we carry and cling to our source of life. When we are truly desperate, we will hold onto what is keeping us alive with all of our might.

So my question for you today is: What are you desperate for? Honestly. Work, money, vacation, new things, “me time”? What is first on your mind when you wake up? Your family, your list of things to do, your coffee, your comfort? Are you truly DESPERATE for God? Being desperate for God is not about one situation going on, or praying for our country. Being desperate for God means that He is first, He is all, He is your only life source. Not sometimes. Not when your day isn’t going the way you planned. But always. Always is desperation. Are you always seeking Him in what you do?

I know that I don’t. I forget Him everyday and often. I am “desperate” for Him in a dramatic, I am American and have been blessed with all essentials but really want my extras kind of way… in a, when I feel like I need Him kind of way… not in an every moment kind of way. I thought I was desperate until I read this definition. But now that I see what this word means, what being desperate for Him really means, I see that most of the time I am just thirsty for Him, not desperate for Him. But my soul longs to be desperate for Him, and I am sure yours does too. He designed us this way.

So what do we do? We have food, we have water, we have shelter. We have everything physically that keeps us alive. How do we become desperate for God?

1. We must stop giving lip service to Him and others around us. We must be honest with God, and ourselves about our view of Him. Is He our magic genie? Is He our friend? Is He our morning ritual? Or is He our Creator, our Savior, our only neccessary tool for survival?

2. We must realize how severe our need for Jesus is. Take a moment to think about what you need from Him. Not what you want, but what you need. When we need something, it is on our mind constantly. Do you just want God, or do you need Him?

3. We must read our Bibles, pray and move forward. If we wait for God to meet us where we are, we could wait for the rest of our lives. Pray for your heart to be stripped to a point of severity. Pray that He would show the parts of your heart that are just thirsty, and not desperate. Take action in purging yourself of what is being stripped away. You have a role to play. You have to meet Him.

Today, I am praying for my life and for yours to become DESPERATE for God. It may be a journey to get there, but what a journey it will be. I want to live, and not walk over the cross that He has given me to carry.  I don’t want to simply tell my children that they need God, I want my life to be a living testimony of being desperate for Him.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10)