Life is busy.  

Even in summer life is busy.  

And having kids, of course, makes everything more busy.  

There is always… always… always something that needs to be done, or picked up, or fixed, or washed, or cooked, or wiped, or cleaned again.  Even when the to-do list is over, it starts right back again.  And around and around busy goes filling up the days and swallowing time.  

Life will always be busy.  There will always be things that we have to do, and people who need our time.  



I find myself constantly looking to the next season thinking that life will slow down.  But seasons keep passing by, and the busy doesn’t stop.  “Why?” I ask.  “Why can’t it all just slow down?”  

And the Lord answers.  Just live in the life you have, instead of waiting for the one you think you want.  

In those words Just live, my eyes are opened.  I see that my busy is filled with the Lord’s work.  My busy isn’t something I would give up.  My husband, children, friends, church, homeschooling, playdates, coffee dates, even the mundane things like grocery shopping.  They all serve a purpose that brings me back to the heart of God.

Life.  Community.  Endurance.    

Just live the Lord tells me.  Live in the life you have.  It is such an easy concept, but I have been trained by a culture telling me to look for more.  Look for more fun, more free time, more quiet.  Look for more of what pleases me, instead of God.  But if I pause for a moment, I see that my life is exactly what my heart desires.  If I look at today and stop waiting for tomorrow.  Stop waiting for the slow and stop waiting for the “one day”, I can see that I am not busy, but I am living.  

Busy is not life, but life is busy.  

The mindset that I am so busy is robbing me of life.  The mindset that somehow there must be a different life that my family is supposed to be living is replacing life with busy.  But I am living.  I am living in the abundance of the Lord’s will and the enemy seeks to blind me of today.  He seeks to rob me of the delight my heart holds in seeking the will of my Father.  And I am walking the path He has laid before me.

Today, I will just live.  Just live for all of the goodness that my life is filled and busy with.  And I will see that it is good.  I will see that my hands are full, my time is full, and my to-do list is full… and I will see that life is worth living where I am, instead of looking to where I think I should be.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

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