A few weeks ago I thought that I had my kids all figured out.  I knew what they needed before they asked, schooling was the best it’s ever been and tantrums were diminishing to almost nothing.  Then this week happened.  My oldest two apparently think they are 16 and know more about everything than me, my 4 year old has decided to revert to a 2 year old, and my 2 year old twins have grown into their two-ness as of Monday.  

It has become the perfect storm.

And it seems they have made a plan to take shifts.  If one is done tugging at me with tears or attitude, the next comes, and the next, and the next… and the next!  And around and round it has gone.  All week.  And I find myself a little over all the noise, a little in need of a long shower, and a lot in need of sleep.  BUT, through the constant storm of emotions rolling through my house, I have had a double portion of joy and peace.  I am not going to lie and pretend that I didn’t have to grit my teeth a bit to find my peace at moments, but I was able to find it quickly.  Not because I am just so loving and understanding of my children… no (I want to plug my ears and walk away from them)… it is because I have had a song written on my heart and playing on my computer on repeat every second of the day in order to remind me that my peace and joy do not come from my children’s behavior or mood.  My peace and joy come from the Lord only, because He is good all of the time.  And this simple truth has reminded me all week that a frustrated tongue, never heals someone else’s frustration or pride.

Looking back over the week I see the timelessness of God and his truths. His word says to surround ourselves with his word and his holiness.  We are to impress his words on our hearts and souls and bind them to our hands so that we can teach them to our children as we go about our days (Deuteronomy 11:18).  Not only the good days, but the bad and hard days too.  This week God’s word has, once again, proven to be true:  what we choose to listen to, choose to watch, and choose to read is written on our hearts whether we realize it or not.  And in testing and not so ideal moments what is written on our hearts will come out of our mouths.

Our thoughts will never be perfect, but they can be corrected by surrounding ourselves with truth and holiness in our homes. Even if the same verse or same song has to be on repeat to remind us constantly for a season- the fruit of even a few of His words hidden in our hearts will be fruit worth bearing.  Our homes are meant to be a place of welcoming, even when our children aren’t so welcoming themselves.  We are to train them in the way they should go, and we can only accomplish this by training ourselves along the way.  By drenching our homes in Him.  When we rise, as we walk, as we go to sleep, we are to speak about the Lord, praise the Lord and seek the Lord with our whole heart.  And this can only happen if we are intentionally pursuing more than what our eyes can see and our ears can hear.  We have to choose to close the door on the enemy’s face or we will welcome him into our homes with open arms.

We will never be perfect, but Jesus is.  We will never be strong enough, but He is.  And with an open and obedient heart, victory will be ours!  And yes, my biggest victory this week was not getting frustrated and overwhelmed with all the noise and crying- but I have come to realize that many small victories added up over time lead to a life of victory.  

“Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” (Ephesians 6:10)

“Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I run, the fountain I drink from, oh He is my song.  You are good, good, oh.” (King of My Heart)  

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