“Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.” (Matthew 5:37)


Our culture uses the word “yes” as if it comes with an out clause.  Marriage, parenting, friendships, and employment all come with a choice to say yes.  Yet we live in a society of broken marriages, parentless children, bitter friendships and unreliable employees (not all of course, but too many).  


Commitment.  We have lost the conviction that the word “yes” is a promise and not a feeling.  When we say yes to something, we must understand the gravity of our words no matter how little or big our yes was used.  Jesus says, “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.”


That is another concept we as a culture have lost grasp of.  There is no gray in Jesus’ words.  There is yes and no.  The option of feelings or emotions or just not being in the mood doesn’t fall in line with the word of God.  In fact, anything that makes us waver from what we have committed to is from the evil one.  The enemy.  There is nothing more that Satan would like to take from us than staying true to our word.  Our words define us.  They give us freedom if used prayerfully and cover us in dignity when walked out righteously.

When we say yes, we must endure to fulfill our word to those we have given it to.  This is the root of enduring.  Everything you do in life will rest on your words of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and taking action accordingly.  In your marriage, in your parenting, at work and in your friendships.  You will bring honor to your household, or thorns of brokenness to your door by fulfilling or breaking your yes and no’s.  Your promises.

We all know it’s true.  We have all been hurt by someone’s carefree commitments and promises, only to be let down.  Even the smallest of broken words can leave a crack that can lead to a canyon.  And we all have been the culprit of leaving our own unfulfilled cracks for others to bare.   

The flesh is weak when the mind is unprepared.  

So where does all of this fit in for this challenge?  You guessed it!  You said yes to endure with me this month.  You have said yes for your children as well.  Now you need to prepare your mind, and your children’s minds, to endure for the joy set before you.  The joy of simply letting your yes be yes!  

Parent prayer points:

  • Remember that you signed up for this!  Something about this challenge perked your attention.  Ask the Lord to prepare your mind and your heart to be open and willing to see what He has for you and your family to learn.
  • Ask for the Lord’s strength to let your yes be yes each day.  Not only in this challenge, but in all areas you are called.  Pray to not speak in haste or excitement, but in thoughtfulness and prayer.  Day by day, it can be done. God is the eternal and sees it all, but He only asks for us to walk one day at a time.
  • Ask for creativity to fill in the voids that I cannot fill for you or your family.  We are each unique and I am tailoring this to my exact needs.  There is freedom in this challenge to make it your own, but you are responsible to partner with God to endure for your family.
  • Breathe and have fun! Pray for the joy of the Lord to fill your house as you teach the next generation the pleasure of discipline and diligence in Christ (even if they don’t think it seems joyful at times).

Talking points with your children:

  • Read Matthew 5:37 out loud from your Bible (not your phone, or off this page, or just from memory).  Grab a good ole’ fashioned Bible and read together!
  • Prepare your children for this challenge by talking about the importance of honoring their word.  When they say “yes” or “no” they must act that out with JOY!  We are accountable to God even in the smallest of things.
    • Examples I have had to use with my children: 
      • It’s time to eat and they aren’t hungry, but 2 minutes later change their mind- they have to suffer the rashness of their words until the next meal or snack (trust me they learn this lesson very quickly!)
      • When they say they will play a certain game with a sibling and then don’t feel like finishing, I remind them of their word and to honor God with a joyful heart.
      • When my children tell me they are going to do something and get distracted or forget, I have them say this verse to me.  They are kids and are going to forget, but it is my duty to hold them accountable to the word of God.
  • Ask your children if there are any promises (big or small) that you have not fulfilled yet.  You never know what their little hearts are holding onto that need to be talked about safely.
    • If there are any unfulfilled promises (meaning you said yes you will do that, or play that, or read that, or whatever) ask for forgiveness and make a plan together of when you will make it happen! Put it on the calendar so everyone is accountable.  Trust me, this works!
  • Pray! Pray together for the Lord’s strength to be with each of you as you work through this month!  Pray that your family would be a city set upon a hill who honors their word and brings glory to the name of Christ!

Have a blessed weekend everyone! I am excited for the weeks to come!


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