Start this 30 day endurance slash fitness slash strength challenge with your family!!! This is not a weight loss challenge or how to food prep your month… it’s not even a how to live “healthy” by dieting sort of thing. The real focus is on endurance and what that looks like physically and spiritually with Christ.  What does His word say about strength and endurance?  What can we learn from Jesus’ life, and others who have walked before us? And how do we apply this strength to our everyday lives when we are constantly bombarded by a culture who scoffs at enduring for the joy set before us?  

Now, because my children (and myself) learn most lessons through what what we live out physically, exercise DOES have a big role in this challenge.  Over the last year, exercise has become a part of my life again, and I am learning so many freeing and important lessons that correlate to my walk with the Lord.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made; from our body to our soul, and we must learn to honor God by honoring ourselves with discipline and integrity.  We are also responsible to teach the next generation the same.  This is nothing crazy or extreme because no one can live extreme all of the time.  Endurance isn’t about taking everything away, but receiving the eyes to see how much there is to gain when you rid your heart and hands of worldly things.  

There are free printables to keep track of each child’s progress (and your own), biblical character lessons about endurance, devotions, encouragement, extra “just for the fun of it” mini challenges, and recipes (both healthy and fun).  I am also thinking for us adults, I will share some thoughts on body image, because let’s face it ladies- no one has escaped that culture trap of despair no matter what you used to look like, look like now, or secretly tell yourself you will look like one day.  I am really excited to see what the Lord will have for my family this month and I would love to share this journey with yours as well!!!  

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